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Research Centre run jointly between the Departments of Sociology and English and Comparative Literature at Goldsmiths University, London


Hegel’s Phenomenology and its Afterlives

About the seminar

Wednesdays, 4-6pm. Richard Hoggart Building, Room 352

Autumn – Oct 14, 28, Nov 11, 25, Dec 9
Spring – Jan 20, Feb 3, 17, Mar 2, 16
Summer – May 4, 11, 24 Jun 1, 15

The research seminar, which will meet on a bi-weekly basis, is open to staff and graduate students affiliated with CPCT, and aims to serve as a forum for philosophical work and dialogue at Goldsmiths. Though the seminar is organised by the co-directors of the CPCT, Julia Ng and Alberto Toscano, we hope different members and affiliates of the CPCT will volunteer to lead the discussions each week.

Main text: Hegel, Phenomenology of Spirit, trans. A.V. Miller (OUP 1977); see also Terry Pinkard’s online translation, with facing German text



  1. Intro meeting; Phenomenology, Preface (pp.1-45, §72)
  2. Derrida, “Outwork, prefacing,” in Disseminatio
  3. Phenomenology, Introduction to Force and Understanding (pp. 46-103, §165)
  4. Heidegger, ‘Hegel’s Concept of Understanding’; Charles Taylor, ‘The Opening Arguments of the Phenomenology’; Hans-Georg Gadamer, ‘Hegel’s “Inverted World”’
  5. Phenomenology, Self-Consciousness (pp. 104-138, §230)
  6. Hyppolite, Genesis and Structure of Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit (Part III)
  7. Phenomenology, Observing Reason (pp. 105-210, §346)
  8. Phenomenology, the rest of Reason (pp. 211-262, §437)
  9. Phenomenology, the rest of Reason (pp. 211-262, §437)
  10. Phenomenology, the rest of Reason (pp. 211-262, §437)
  11. Phenomenology, The Ethical Order (pp. 263-294, §483)
  12. Phenomenology, Culture (pp. 294-363, §595)
  13. Phenomenology, Morality (pp. 364-409, §671)
  14. Phenomenology, Religion (pp. 410-478, §787)
  15. Phenomenology, Absolute Knowing (pp. 479-493, §808)

Texts on the Phenomenology

Hyppolite, ‘Genesis and Structure of Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit’
Jameson, ‘The Hegel Variations’
Pinkard, ‘Hegel’s Phenomenology: The Sociality of Reason’
Kojève, ‘Introduction to the Reading of Hegel’
Heidegger, ‘Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit’
Houlgate, ‘Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit: A Reader’s Guide’
Yovel, ‘Hegel’s Preface to the “Phenomenology of Spirit” (translation and commentary)’