The Centre for Philosophy and Critical Thought, Goldsmiths University of London

Research Centre run jointly between the Departments of Sociology and English and Comparative Literature at Goldsmiths University, London

UG 2022/2023

Theme ’22-’23: Critical philosophy – Contemporary concerns, foundations, challenges

The Goldsmiths Undergraduate Philosophy Circle is open to all Goldsmiths students interested in reading and discussing philosophical texts together. 

Meetings: on Fridays, 4-6pm; 3 x Autumn Term; 3 x Spring Term, 3 x Summer Term (see dates below)

Location: RHB 220

Convenor: Svenja Bromberg (Lecturer in Sociology), s.bromberg [at]; if you want to join the email list and receive the readings in advance, please send Svenja an email.

DateKey Readings
Autumn Term – Contemporary Concerns –
Friday, 21th OctHortense Spillers (2020), ‘Critical Theory in Times of Crisis’, pp. 681-683  
Friday, 4th of NovRodrigo Cordero (2017), Crisis and Critique – on the Fragile Foundations of Social Life, Part I, Chapter 1 & 2 ‘Sociologies of Crisis/Critiques of Sociology’, pp.13-58
Friday, 2 Dec (NEW DATE!)Amy Allen (2016), The end of progress; Decolonising the normative foundations of critical theory, Chapter 1 – Critical Theory and the Idea of Progress, pp. 1 – 36
– Foundations –
tbdMichel Foucault (1994), ‘What is Enlightenment?’ in Essential Works of Foucault Vl1, pp. 303-321
tbdKarl Marx (1987), Early Writings, 1843 Letters between Marx and Ruge from Franco-German Yearbooks , esp. last letter
Robin Celikates (2012), ‘Karl Marx: Critique as Emancipatory Practice’, in Boer and Sonderegger, Conceptions of Critique in Modern and Contemporary Philosophy, pp. 101-118
tbdHerbert Marcuse (2009), ‘Philosophy and Critical Theory’, pp. 99-117 in Negations
Summer Term – Challenges –
tbdRobert Bernasconi (2012), ‘Critical Philosophy of Race’, in Routledge Companion, pp. 551-562
tbdCarl Cassegard (2021)Towards a critical theory of nature, Introduction: What is a Critical Theory of Nature, pp. 1-21
tbdDidier Fassin (2022) Conspiracy Theories as Ambiguous Critique of Crisis in Fassin / Honneth, Crisis under Critique, pp.403-419