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Neurosis, Poetry, and the Present (18 March 2017)

On 18 March 2017, CPCT hosted a workshop on Neurosis, Poetry, and the Present, organised by Daniel Katz (Warwick) and Benjamin Noys (Chichester). Presentations from the workshop are now published here—links below.

Introduction — Professor Benjamin Noys (Chichester)

Professor Emma Mason (Warwick), “Critical Vulnerability and the Weakness of Poetry”

Professor Daniel Katz (Warwick), “Real Ruins: Modernist Neurosis, Impersonal Politics”

Dr. Natalia Cecire (Sussex), “The Cell, the Shell, and the Death Drive: Marianne Moore and the Open Secrets of the Natural World”

Professor Benjamin Noys (Chichester), “The Cosmogony of Revolution: Diane di Prima’s Revolutionary Letters and Anti-Neurosis”


Neurosis, Poetry and the Present – 18 March 2017