The Centre for Philosophy and Critical Thought, Goldsmiths University of London

Research Centre based in Sociology and run jointly with the Centre for Cultural Studies at Goldsmiths University, London



Alberto Toscano
 (Co-Director, Sociology)

Julia Ng (Co-Director, English and Comparative Literature)

Vikki Bell (Sociology)

Svenja Bromberg (Sociology)

Will Davies (Politics and International Relations)

Jenny Doussan (Visual Cultures)

Sara R Farris (Sociology)

Mark Fisher (Visual Cultures) †

Monica Greco (Sociology)

Jean-Paul Martinon (Visual Cultures)

Sam McAuliffe (Visual Cultures)

Andrea Mura (Politics)

Michael Newman (Art)

Stefan Nowotny  (Visual Cultures)

Simon O’Sullivan (Visual Cultures)

Luciana Parisi (Media and Communications)

Brendan Prendeville (Visual Cultures)

Martin Savransky (Sociology)

Daniel Taylor (History)

Lynn Turner (Visual Cultures)

Marina Vishmidt (Media and Communications)


External Affiliates

Cinzia Arruzza
(New School for Social Research)

Andrew Benjamin (Monash)

Ray Brassier (American University in Beirut)

Lorenzo Chiesa (Genoa)

Rebecca Comay (Toronto)

Filippo Del Lucchese (Brunel/Collège International de Philosophie)

Astrid Deuber-Mankowsky (Bochum/ICI Berlin)

Penelope Deutscher (Northwestern)

Ricardo Espinoza Lolas (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso)

Oliver Feltham (American University of Paris)

Peter Fenves (Northwestern)

Werner Hamacher (Frankfurt) †

Benjamin Noys (Chichester)

Elizabeth Rottenberg (DePaul)

Massimiliano Tomba (Università di Padova)

Samuel Weber (Northwestern)


Advisory Board

Josh Cohen (English & Comparative Literature)

Sanjay Seth (Politics/Centre for Postcolonial Studies)

Eyal Weizman (Visual Cultures/Centre for Research Architecture)


Graduate Affiliates

Camille Germanos (English and Comparative Literature)
Thesis title: TBC

Ksenija Krapivina (Visual Cultures)
Thesis title: TBC

Felipe Lagos (Sociology)
Thesis title: Modernity, Capital and Historicity: Tracing Latin American Marxism

Yari Lanci (Politics)
Thesis title: TBC

Christopher Law (English and Comparative Literature)
Thesis title: The Life in Language: The Concept of Uncriticizability from Goethe to Benjamin (Funded by CHASE AHRC studentship)

Federica Murè (English and Comparative Literature)
Thesis title: TBC (Funded by CHASE AHRC studentship)

Juan Ordoñez (English and Comparative Literature / Cultural Studies)
Thesis title: TBC

Florence Platford (English and Comparative Literature)
Thesis title: Political Occultology: Walter Benjamin’s ‘Surrealism’ and the Figure of the Secret Society (Funded by departmental bursary)

Filippo Ursitti (English and Comparative Literature / Critical Theory)
Thesis title: TBC


Recent Doctoral Research

Bromberg, Svenja (2016). Thesis title: Thinking ‘emancipation’ after Marx: A conceptual analysis of emancipation between citizenship and revolution.

Truskolaski, Sebastian (2016). Thesis title: Bilderverbot: Adorno and the Ban on Images.

Vandeputte, Tom (2017). Thesis title: Critique of Journalistic Reason: Language and History in Kierkegaard, Nietzsche and Benjamin

Visiting Researchers


Jacob McGuinn, Associate Lecturer, English and Comparative Literature, Goldsmiths (PhD Queen Mary University of London)


Matthias Lievens, Assistant Professor, Institute for Philosophy, KU Leuven


Katja Cicigoj, PhD fellow, Graduate Centre for the Study of Culture, Giessen / CRMEP, Kingston

Isabell Dahms, PhD student, CRMEP Kingston University

Miranda Davidson, PhD student, Politics, Queen Mary University of London

Laura Lee Schmidt, PhD candidate, History of Science, Harvard University

Chryssa Srdolia, Postdoctoral researcher, Goldsmiths