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The Insistence of the Possible: Symposium with Isabelle Stengers (Day 2)

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Stengers-Sociology_Event_Poster_Final_A3_updated.jpgA two-day Symposium with Isabelle Stengers and Goldsmiths academics

19 May 2016
2:00pm – 6:00pm
PSH 314, Professor Stuart Hall Building

These two symposia will explore the development of Isabelle Stengers’ most recent work, and will engage with her and the audience in conversations about many of her influential concepts and propositions. The two days will consist of brief interventions by Goldsmiths staff members that will focus around a selection of her most recent essays. These will be followed by conversations with Stengers as well as with members of the audience.
The second day will explore her call for ‘(re)learning the art of paying attention’, in connection to questions of ontological politics, capitalism, and political ecology.

Discussants: Vikki Bell (Sociology), Monica Greco (Sociology) and Marsha Rosengarten (Sociology)

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