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Samir Haddad (Fordham) on Professing Philosophy after ’68: Bourdieu/Passeron, Derrida, Lyotard

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A seminar with Prof. Samir Haddad (Fordham) on what it means — intellectually, institutionally, politically — to “do philosophy” in the classroom after May 1968 and today.

7 Jun 2016
3:00pm – 6:00pm
Cinema, Richard Hoggart Building

A CPCT special seminar with Samir Haddad (Fordham), in conversation with Andrew Parker (Rutgers).

The decade following May 68 saw a series of reforms and counter-reforms made to the French education system, together with a flurry of philosophical writing on matters of education. In this seminar we will examine three engagements with the idea of a professor, by Bourdieu and Passeron, Derrida, and Lyotard, with the aim of both better understanding the French system at the time and provoking philosophical reflection on the chances and risks, the conditions and the demands we invariably meet with as students and teachers in the philosophy seminar room.

Discussion will be based around three texts that provide both traditional and alternative accounts of the teaching of philosophy: Bourdieu and Passeron’s Reproduction (1970), Derrida’s “Where a Teaching Body Begins and How it Ends” (1976) and Lyotard’s “Endurance and the Profession” (1978).

For copies of the texts please contact or visit the link below.

Click here for copies of the texts under discussion.

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